REV GCS 140/B Jaw Crusher

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1400 x 1150mm (55x45)

  • Apron Feeder
  • Roller Scalper
  • Automated or Manual Controls
  • Rotating Conveyor Belt

GCS 140/B designed as a primary crusher for mines or large quarries, easily moved around the blast face. The GCS 140/B has the advantage of an apron feeder which will provide consistent feed supply to a robust roller scalper, cleaning and removing fines prior to reaching the jaw box. The GCS 14/B also has the advantage of been equipped with the REV Quarry Line, technology that monitors the entire working process through data elaborating PLC system which allows the operators to have a precise and immediate overview of the crushers operations. There is a lot of crushers with 1400 mm or wider jaw opening but not many that have a depth of 1150 mm, (1400X1150) this permits this crusher to crush over size rock up to one meter in diameter, there for creating saving of inefficient and expensive rock breaking. By primary crushing large rock at the blast face this allows the product be reduced in size there for being able to be transferred by overland conveyors or reducing damage to loaders and dump trucks by larger rocks during loading and unloading. Alternatively, feeding direct into mobile secondary crushers and screens.

REV was founded in Pennabilli, Italy in 1967. For over 40 years Rev has designed and manufactured high quality equipment to service the quarry, mining, and recycling industries. Constant research and development has lead to continual evolution in design of high quality and reliable crushers and screens. Rev produces mobile crushers from 13 to 140 tonne.

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