Track Conveyors

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Track conveyors available in 12, 16, 18, 20, 24, & 30 meters with standard and loader feed bins, priced from $85,000 plus GST

Huge savings on:

  • Loader costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Operating Efficiency
  • Easy self loading and site movement
  • Large stockpile capacity
  • Operates at variable heights including horizontal

Applications include:

  • Aggregate
  • Top soil
  • Sand
  • Coal
  • Bark
  • Woodchips

Operational length 20M” (65’) 24M” (79’) 24M” (79’)
Operational height 7.8M” (25’7”) @22° 9.25M” (30’4”) @22° 8.65M” (28’5”) @22°
Loading height 1.2M - 3.4M (4’0” - 11 ‘ 3”)) 1.48M – 2.46M (4’9” – 8’ 3”) 2M – 4.3M (6’7” – 14’ 1”)
Hydraulic tank capacity 320 | (70 gallon) 384 l (85 gallon) 377 l (83 gallon)
Diesel fuel capacity 107 | (24 gallon) 225 l (50 gallon) 216 l (48 gallon)
Engine make/model Caterpillar C2.2 Deutz TD2011 L04I Deutz TD2011 L04I
Engine Type 4 cylinder liquid cooled 4 cylinder air cooled 4 cylinder air cooled
Engine power (horsepower) 38kw (51 HP) 50kw (67 HP) 50kw (67 HP)
Transport width 2.25 M (7’4”) 2.25 M (7’4”) 2.31 M (7’7”)
Transport height 2.85 M” (9’26”) 2.85 M” (9’26”) 2.92 M” (9’7”)
Transport length 12.2M (40’ 3”) 12.2M (40’ 3”) 11.97M (39’ 4”)
Total weight 9560 kgs (21030 lbs) 11470 kgs (25234 lbs) 13000 kgs (28600 lbs)
Heavy Duty Construction
Constructed from 5mm thick MS plate designed in 500mm deep section to give added stability and to withstand the rigours of heavy duty operation.
The conveyor is constructed in 3 sections , the tail section includes a generous feed hopper and the head section includes the conveyor drive , consisting of Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic motors and rubber lagged drive pulley.
Diesel-Hydraulic Power Unit
The conveyor is powered by a Deutz Diesel Engine coupled to a tandem hydraulic pump giving sufficient oil flow to drive both the conveyor at maximum output and to operate the crawler tracks.
The undercarriage consists of the hydraulically operated crawler tracks together with an adjustable support trestle arrangement, which allows variation in both feed and discharge heights.
Emergency Stop System
Every Track Conveyor is equipped from the factory with an emergency stop system that will render the plant inoperable when activated, providing added safety for the operator.
Hydraulic Folding Mechanism
The folding mechanism of the conveyor head section allows for quick site set up and provides a flexible approach to transport of the unit. The hydraulic folding is designed so that the hydraulic cylinder piston rods are fully protected when the machine is operational.
Standard Features
  • Crawler Track Movement Diesel-Hydraulic Drive
  • 1050mm (42”) wide 3 ply belt Hydraulic Folding on Head Section Hydraulic Raise and Lower
  • Manual Folding of Tail Section
  • Hydraulic Folding of Tail Section
  • Dual Power (Electric-Hydraulic)
  • Remote Variable Speed Belt Speed Control Heavy Duty Belt
  • Dual hydraulic drive for increased through put


MC 105-24TB

  • 24 metres - 80 foot
  • 4.3m-16 tonne feed bin
  • Impact rollers
  • Variable speed
  • Dual drive
  • Remote stop/start
  • Control flow gate

Direct Feed Hopper - The Direct Feed hopper is manufactured from 5mm MS plate generally with 6mm Hardox replaceable liners in the lower section. This hopper has a capacity of 10 cubic metres and is complete with support legs. These can be extended and retracted manually, but there is also the option for hydraulic control. The feed hopper comes complete with heavy duty impact rollers closely spaced to ensure full protection for the conveyor belt and to aid the movement of material from a start position when the hopper is full of material.
Conveyer Drive - 2 x Saur Danfoss OMV 800 Hydraulic Motors.



IMS have added to their extensive range of track conveyors by offering a twin feed hopper trackconveyor that can offer multiple operational advantages to the mining, quarry and construction industry. The MC1200-9TB offers two 5.5 meter (17’8”) long feed hoppers with the capacity of 12 cubic meter per hopper large enough to accommodate the larger size loaders and the hopper capacity to insure that the material feed does not run out before the return of the loader. Both feed hoppers have front control flow gates and variable speed conveyors to offer controlled flow for blending of two products or combined 24 cubic meters of a single product to enable high production, the large hopper capacity is especially relevant when conveying light weight product such as wood chips and pellets.



click to download IMS- MC1200-9TB Track Conveyor brochure

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